instaVoucher manages and sends your gift vouchers instantly!

No more manual effort. instaVoucher automatically bills customers, generates gift voucher codes and emails them out for you.

Features Why choose instaVoucher?

instaVoucher is a super easy to use platform that helps you sell more, get more exposure, and takes the manual effort out of selling gift vouchers.

instaVoucher creates, bills and emails voucher codes for you. You will get access to your own admin area where you can check and manage your vouchers, their validity, expiry dates and more.

Best of all, you can sell from anywhere; your webpage, social media page or even email, using your unique instaVoucher link.

  • Your Brand Upload your own branding and business details.
  • Instant Once a customer makes a purchase, a new voucher code will be generated and emailed instantly.
  • Online Payments Using Stripe as your payment processor, payments will automatically be deposited into your bank account.
  • Expiry Dates Set the expiry dates for your vouchers.
  • Sell Anywhere Advertise your vouchers on your website or social media pages using your own unique instaVoucher URL.
  • Mobile Friendly Manage your gift vouchers anytime using your computer or mobile device.

Pricing Simple and affordable.

There are no setup fees, no monthly minimums and no risk. You can sign up and create your vouchers right now for zero cost.

Fees only apply after a purchase. There is a transaction fee of 4.95% per sale, which you can absorb or pass on to the customer's total. The rest of the funds are automatically deposited into your chosen bank account.

If you pass the fee on to the customer, it will appear in checkout as a "Service charge".

Note: Stripe transaction fees are extra. During setup, instaVoucher will guide you through the super quick process of creating a Stripe account which will allow you to accept online payments. Stripe's fees can be found on their pricing page.

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